City of Oshawa Photo Submission

Oshawa residents ages 18+ are invited to upload their photos that illustrate their favourite parts of the city. For example, Oshawa’s:

  • culture and events (e.g. Fiesta Week, Culture Nights, Doors Open Oshawa, RMG Fridays, etc.);
  • beautiful landscapes (e.g. Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens, Lakeview Park, etc.);
  • and more.

Terms and Conditions

The City of Oshawa invites you to share your community photos for consideration in the design of the 2020-2023 Oshawa Strategic Plan. Selected photos will appear in the 2020-2023 Oshawa Strategic Plan print document, online version on the City of Oshawa website and may be posted on the City's social media accounts and online photo gallery. Additionally, submitted photographs may also be featured on other City promotional material.

Selection of Photographs Used

The City will determine which photograph(s) submitted will appear in the print document, online version and/or City of Oshawa social media accounts. The City will also determine which photograph(s) (if any) will be featured on other City promotional material (e.g. brochures, posters, advertisements). When possible, the City will make every effort to include the photo credit (photographer's name) on City of Oshawa produced media (e.g. City website, brochures, posters).

Submission Criteria

  • Photographs must have been taken in Oshawa
  • Photographs that include identifiable people must be accompanied by a completed photo consent form for each identifiable individual. Otherwise, photographs must not contain any identifiable people.
  • All components must be created by the photographer submitting the photograph (cannot use anything found on the internet, stock photos, copyrighted material, other people's work, etc.)
  • File type/size: jpeg format no larger than 5 MB
  • File identification format: Photographer'sName _Title.jpg = JohnDoe_PeonyGarden.jpg

 Those unable to upload their images can contact Corporate Communications ([email protected]) to arrange an alternate sharing method.

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